Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crafty Corner Spotlight- Sarah from Roxy Creations

Crafty corner is new and exciting and exciting. I'll be interviewing one of the lovely crafters at Hide & Seek each month. In our first craft corner, we're chatting to Sarah from Roxy Creations

How long have you been crafting?
I have been crafting as long as I remember. Mum used to put me into craft and sewing lessons when I was young. She has always been a sewer, making quilts then getting into embroidery. My grandmother was a crafter as well- mostly knitting. Whilst I can't remember a time when I wasn't pursuing something creative, my passion really took off about 3 years ago when my sister and I started a craft blog for the purpose of sharing what we were making. She lives in Italy and we are both very passionate about crafting so it was a great way to share what we were doing!

What do you love about crafting?
For me it is something I am very passionate about. It is my stress reliever away from work. I love collecting different fabrics, braids, threads etc. then bring them all together to create something new. I am definitely someone who likes mixed media. I have everything from paints to papers, fabrics, buttons and beads. I am not someone who is happy creating the same thing over and over again as I get bored. I love that I can constantly come up with new ideas and thoughts about what I want to do next. The possibilities are endless! I love seeing what other people are doing from all over the world. I get such inspiration from other peoples work. Flickr is a favourite place to be inspired. The other thing I love is that everything is now easily accessible- I can get fantastic supplies and books from all over the world!

What new crafts have you tried? What new crafts are on your "to-do list"?
My new thing at the moment is wool fabrics. I have discovered the work of Sue Spargo recently and have really taken to her style of quilting. Doing one of her quilts is the very first thing on my "to-do'list" when I actually find the time to make something for myself. I like the way she uses different textures to create her projects like, wool fabrics, felt, cotton fabric, flannel, corduroy, velvet, ric-rac, different threads and so on. She also hand-dyes a lot of her fabrics which I find interesting as well. I have started using some wool fabrics in some of my work and my collection of supplies is slowly growing!

What do you do when you're not crafting?
I work full-time as a teacher which I really enjoy, look after my little boy who is the greatest love of my life and play hockey. I am a PE teacher so sport is a big passion. I make sure that I have time to be active and do something that I enjoy. I can't imagine not playing some form of sport and look forward to next year when my son will be old enough to start playing as well. I love watching sport, especially rugby and do spend a significant amount of time doing this type of stuff. Somehow it only just all fits in!

What new goodies can we expect at Hide & Seek Market?
New things that will be at Hide & Seek markets will be some new hair clips. I love creating new designs all the time. Many of my hair clips are one of a kind as I don't like repeating the same designs over and over again. We will also have some new cushions for kids. Christmas stuff will be our next big project- but not yet as it's a little to early to bring out the decorations!

More info at http://roxycreations.blogspot.com/

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