Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crafty Corner Spotlight- Sarah from Roxy Creations

Crafty corner is new and exciting and exciting. I'll be interviewing one of the lovely crafters at Hide & Seek each month. In our first craft corner, we're chatting to Sarah from Roxy Creations

How long have you been crafting?
I have been crafting as long as I remember. Mum used to put me into craft and sewing lessons when I was young. She has always been a sewer, making quilts then getting into embroidery. My grandmother was a crafter as well- mostly knitting. Whilst I can't remember a time when I wasn't pursuing something creative, my passion really took off about 3 years ago when my sister and I started a craft blog for the purpose of sharing what we were making. She lives in Italy and we are both very passionate about crafting so it was a great way to share what we were doing!

What do you love about crafting?
For me it is something I am very passionate about. It is my stress reliever away from work. I love collecting different fabrics, braids, threads etc. then bring them all together to create something new. I am definitely someone who likes mixed media. I have everything from paints to papers, fabrics, buttons and beads. I am not someone who is happy creating the same thing over and over again as I get bored. I love that I can constantly come up with new ideas and thoughts about what I want to do next. The possibilities are endless! I love seeing what other people are doing from all over the world. I get such inspiration from other peoples work. Flickr is a favourite place to be inspired. The other thing I love is that everything is now easily accessible- I can get fantastic supplies and books from all over the world!

What new crafts have you tried? What new crafts are on your "to-do list"?
My new thing at the moment is wool fabrics. I have discovered the work of Sue Spargo recently and have really taken to her style of quilting. Doing one of her quilts is the very first thing on my "to-do'list" when I actually find the time to make something for myself. I like the way she uses different textures to create her projects like, wool fabrics, felt, cotton fabric, flannel, corduroy, velvet, ric-rac, different threads and so on. She also hand-dyes a lot of her fabrics which I find interesting as well. I have started using some wool fabrics in some of my work and my collection of supplies is slowly growing!

What do you do when you're not crafting?
I work full-time as a teacher which I really enjoy, look after my little boy who is the greatest love of my life and play hockey. I am a PE teacher so sport is a big passion. I make sure that I have time to be active and do something that I enjoy. I can't imagine not playing some form of sport and look forward to next year when my son will be old enough to start playing as well. I love watching sport, especially rugby and do spend a significant amount of time doing this type of stuff. Somehow it only just all fits in!

What new goodies can we expect at Hide & Seek Market?
New things that will be at Hide & Seek markets will be some new hair clips. I love creating new designs all the time. Many of my hair clips are one of a kind as I don't like repeating the same designs over and over again. We will also have some new cushions for kids. Christmas stuff will be our next big project- but not yet as it's a little to early to bring out the decorations!

More info at http://roxycreations.blogspot.com/

Sunday, July 11, 2010

August Market

Hi All

On the lookout for gorgeous goodies for our second market on 22 August. Seems strange to be looking for stallholders for our 2nd, when our launch market is still 2 weeks away!!

Great news- crafty mums will be able to shop for themselves as well, as we're bringing handmade goodies for mums, so jewellery, accessories, homewares, clothing in August AND outdoor stalls.
If you're keen, email me at hide_seekmarket@yahoo.com
Spots filling up fast.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Melbourne

I'm a Melbourne girl...love the cold weather, all the hidden lanes, crafty atmosphere...I could go on and on, but I won't because I'll get all teary eyed! That's why I feel the need to hop on a flight every few months and reconnect..Thought I'd share a few of my fav hidden treasures I like to visit

Arbor Redux-quaint jewellery store with unique handcrafted pieces and lovely bags from Nancy Bird

Brunettis for a coffee hit and cannoli - Yum

Nicolas Building- lots of lovely craft supplies like Buttonmania, even the lifts are beautiful. One of them has flowers decorating the entire lift, very kitsch and has a lift operator. They're manual lifts so be careful if you're travelling with the pram, as I had no problem getting in on the ground floor, but then was a tight fit getting out! Go figure :-)

Egetal- jewellery gallery with a gorgeous selection

On my next trip, I'd like to go to Thread Den and look at their vintage clothing and maybe sign up to a sewing class.

Lots of lovely new things

Hello lovely crafties

Just wanted to let you know that Sharon from Pepper Stitches will be at our launch and also be making a mascot for our market launch!! I'm so excited. It will look something like this

Now we just need to come up with a name!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Nice

I really have to share this with you..because i LOVE it!! It's called Operation Nice. A blog that's sole purpose is to encourage us to be proactively nice and end up feeling good about yourself. You know the feeling right? I'm all for it..There's even Nice assignments..Take a look